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SAS Martial Arts Academy

For over 30 years the SAS Martial Arts Academy has been teaching Kung Fu, Tai Chi and meditation to young people across London, helping to improve both their mental and physical health. Master Andres Sofos talks about the transformative skills the academy is providing: 

“There are multiple benefits that can be gained from becoming more active, as well as getting fitter, members of the SAS Martial Arts academy will also gain; communication skills, concentration skills, street ‘self-aid’ techniques and self-discipline.

“I became involved in martial arts due to some bullying at school. Martial arts gave me confidence and the ability to defend myself and I now dedicate my teachings to anti bullying campaigns and mentor in schools.

“Our vision is to see the people in our community living a safe and healthy lifestyle. We provide children as young as four years old up to adults with a range of Martial Arts disciplines such as Wing Chun Kung Fu and street survival techniques. We aim to create opportunities that will change lives through inspiring residents to take part, motivating them to keep going and facilitating opportunities for various achievements. 

“Since it first opened in 1986, the academy has grown and developed, to accommodate the interests of participants. Alongside our more formal classes, we also provide some free sessions of Tai Chi and meditation classes for seniors, the aim of which is to boost good mental health and well-being. On special days, such as mother’s and father’s day, we organise family fun runs, to raise money for charity.”

SAS Martial Arts Academy offers free trial sessions, to find out more visit the SAS Martial Arts website, email or call 020 8292 0800