Richard Pilkington - We Can Move

Richard Pilkington



Richard is a volunteer walk leader. Every Monday he helps to lead a friendly and sociable walk across Hampstead Heath.

“My main role as walk leader (alongside four other leaders) is to make sure everyone gets something positive (hopefully!) from the walk and we don’t get lost – which can happen when everyone’s chatting! There’s a big social element, it’s all part of a mental health drive, people come both for the exercise and for the socialising.

"The majority of the people that come on the walks are regulars, some of them have been coming for about 14 or so years - they probably know the Heath better than I do. We’re always welcoming newcomers though. Our groups come from all sorts of backgrounds, young and old – it’s a whole variety!

"I got involved in volunteering because I had a bit of a health scare several years ago, which served as a real wakeup call - a mixture of too much work and too much stress. As part of some major life changes I decided to become a walk leader and outdoor gym activator after reading about it in Camden Magazine. I am pleased that I followed up on the article as I have gained a new set of friends and am much healthier from both the walking but also the social interaction.”

Camden Health Walks are designed for everyone, including those who are new to exercise, and they take place regularly across the borough. Find your nearest walk.