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Hawley Primary School

Hawley children

Hawley Primary School is based in Camden Town and this year it was Camden’s Race to Health winning school.  Laura Ryan, Year 4 Teacher and PE Lead, spoke to us about the work the school is doing to encourage pupils to be more active:

“Our aim is to encourage children to move more, for children to understand the importance of this towards being healthy and also to inspire children to make more active choices. For example, choose to take part in an active game at play time, join an active after school club or take part in a school sport. 

“One specific way we’ve been promoting physical activity over the last couple of years is by taking part in Camden’s Race to Health. Children are given an individual login for the Race to Health website and are encouraged to log the minutes of physical activity they do in a day. The minutes they log are converted into miles and there is competition between classes and schools to be the first to travel around the world in time for a certain event. This year it was the Netball World Cup. 

“We ensure children are getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity in school every day. We do The Daily Mile and have active brain breaks in class using fun websites such as BBC Super Movers and Go Noodle. We have also introduced Mini Health Champions – pupils that take the role of encouraging other children to play games in the playground. As well as this we encourage children and parents to take part in at least 30 minutes outside of school – getting involved with Camden’s Race to Health competition really encourages children to do this. 

“Physical activity is so important as it promotes healthy growth and development, improves fitness, builds strong bones and muscles and improves balance, coordination and posture. As well as these benefits, physical activity also helps to promote collaboration and social skills and improves concentration, confidence and self-esteem. It’s also fun!”

Go to the Race to Health and Daily Mile websites to read more and find out how your school can take part.