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Pre-application advice for major developments

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Pre-application advice for major developments

Bespoke advice service on major developments

We offer a bespoke advice service on major developments, often through Planning Performance agreements. These may include some or all of the following: 

Why should I apply for major pre-application advice? 

  • to get clear written advice before you submit an application 
  • to help you to make informed decisions on planning matters at all stages of developing your project 
  • it will make it easier to process your planning application 
  • a planning performance agreement will provide certainty throughout the process 

What are Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs)

Planning performance agreements set out an approach designed to take a development proposal from conception to delivery. They are designed to provide quality and timely advice which helps shape projects, giving developers the best chance of gaining approval.

For a major development this will ensure:

  • a planned and responsive pre-application service; 
  • a structured and predictable approach from pre-application to the formal decision; and 
  • a more flexible approach due to agreeing on timescales for decision 

Find more information on the Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs) pageF 

Pre-application categories for major developments – all fees are inclusive of VAT

Major development meeting 

  • 10-20 residential units 
  • non-residential increase of 1000-2000m² 
  • changes of use between 1000-1999m² 
  • fee: £12,167  

Major development follow up advice 

  • meeting to discuss more than a single issue fee: £6,083
  • meeting to discuss a single issue fee: £3, 016

Large major development meeting  

  • 21 or more residential units 
  • non-residential increase of more than 2000 m² 
  • changes of use over 2000m² 
  • fee: £18,251

Large major development follow up advice 

  • more than one issue fee: £8,125.50
  • single issue fee: £6,820

Advice for hostel, HMO, and student housing proposals: 

  • 1 – 20 units £4,562.50
  • 21-49 units £12,166
  • 50 + units £18,250

How do I apply for major development pre-application advice? 

Please submit as much information as possible when applying for advice. As a minimum we suggest you include: 

  • a summary of the proposal and what you want the advice to focus on 
  • drawings/sketches showing the proposal 
  • photographs of the site and surrounding context 

Send your information to Once we have received your fee, a planning officer will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.  

Strategic Panel on Emerging Proposals

Schemes of strategic importance such as proposals for more than 100 residential units, 5000sqm of non-residential floorspace or tall buildings can benefit from going before the Strategic Panel.  

The Strategic Panel will generally consist of: 

  • Cabinet Member with responsibility for planning (Chair); 
  • Leader of the Council (only on the most significant strategic proposals such as Euston); 
  • Cabinet Member with responsibility for transport and sustainability; 
  • Chair of the Planning Committee; 
  • Heritage Champion; and 
  • other Cabinet members as required depending on the nature of the proposals being reported. 

The Strategic Panel meeting will involve a presentation by the developer after which the Panel can ask questions, but not express formal views or engage in debate.

The fee for a Strategic Panel is £2,763.34.

What is the purpose of Strategic Panel?

  • assisting Panel members in gaining an initial understanding of the most complex proposals and their strategic and planning implications; 
  • helping demonstrate Camden’s commitment to growth by providing a forum for Members to consider developers’ perspectives and for developers to understand some of the issues that may be important to the Council;   
  • to give Panel members a high-level strategic involvement in emerging development proposals without compromising any subsequent role they may play as decision-makers by allowing them to provide their provisional input/steer in particular by:  
    • highlighting how they see proposals fit with the Council’s wider policy aspirations;  
    • identifying aspects where in their view proposals may not be policy compliant;  and
    • giving their preliminary opinion on how competing or contentious issues could be balanced.  

Strategic Panel on Emerging Proposals (PDF)

Camden Design Review Panel 

The Panel is an independent and impartial group of built environment experts e.g. architects, landscape designers and urban designers. They assess the design of a proposal with the aim of improving its quality to benefit the public. 

Camden's Design Review Panel is a service provided by Frame Projects and is funded independently of the Council. People are referred to the panel by the Council as an external service. You pay fees to Frame Projects for this service.   

Find full details of the Camden Design Review Panel. This includes its purpose, what users of the service can expect, and a list of panel members.   

Freedom of Information 

Pre-application advice will be published online once a related application is submitted. We will consider requests for advice to be disclosed at earlier stages, on a case-by-case basis.  

If you think any information in your pre-application should be exempt, let the Council know when you make your request. We will take into account reasons you have given for exemption and will contact you before giving any information. 

More information 

Make a Freedom of Information request 

Environmental Information Regulations