Joining the library

Anyone can join Camden libraries.   It's free to join and to borrow books.  To get started just fill in the online joining form through the link below. 

When you have completed the form, the system will give you a temporary membership ID. 

You can use that ID straight-away to borrow e-books, e-audio and e-magazines from our Digital library (plus the PIN number you create when you fill in the form).

If you want to come in to use our library computers or borrow physical items, you will need to bring your temporary ID with photo ID and proof of your address (or two proofs of address if you don't have photo ID) to your nearest library. 

Click here to join the library

For full details of library services during this period, see Changes to the library service

To find out more about our digital library - with its thousands of e-books, e-audio-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers available to all new and current library members - click here:


Proof of address and photo ID

We accept these as proof of address:

  • Medical card
  • A recent utility bill such as your gas, electric, water, telephone or council tax bill
  • A recent bank statement
  • Rent or tenancy agreement

We accept these as photo ID:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Security pass or work ID (with a photo)
  • Oyster or Freedom pass (with photo and name)


Borrowing books

Under the terms of the national lockdown introduced in early January 2021, shelf browsing and choosing books in public libraries is not permitted for health reasons. Therefore, our Quick Choice service is suspended for the duration of the lockdown. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our readers.

But you can order and pick up books from some of our libraries, using our Request and Read service. 

For more information, see:  Request and Read



What you can borrow

When our libraries reopen, you will be able to borrow:

  • 25 books for 3 weeks (adults)
  • 20 books for 3 weeks (young people and children)
  • 8 audio books for 3 weeks
  • 1 language course for 3 weeks (adults and young people)


  • people over 60 
  • people with disabilities 
  • full time students 
  • people in receipt of earning related benefits 
  • audio books are free to concessionary groups 

*Children and young people under 18 are exempt from fines on books and reservation charges

Library charges


Customer charge

Overdue charges




Books on CD / Talking books

£1.00 (free)*


Language courses




Free (but limited to two at a time)


SELMS reservations


(Available 10 May)


Reservations requiring extended searches


(Available 10 May)


Renewal of items borrowed from British library



British library item reservation



*charges in brackets are concessionary rates



Customer charge





Printing and photocopier charges



Customer charge


PC printing B/W


PC printing colour


Microform Print



Photocopy (A4)



Photocopy (A3)


PC hire (guest use per hour session)


Replacement charges



Customer charge

Replacement charge for lost, stolen or damaged library card (0-17 years are exempt)

£2.25 (no concessions)*

Lost out of print book

£25 (£10 children’s book)*


Lost British library item


Lost adult or talking book


Lost book from the youth section

up to £8.50

Lost Language pack(s)


Lost material – Inter-library loan

Set by supplying authority

Charges for children and young people


Overdue books, toys, language courses, standard reservations, lost/stolen library cards

Lost library items

SELMS reservations

Children aged 0-11

X – no charge

X – no charge

Young people aged 12 - 17

X – no charge

(up to £8.50)