The fees and charges for the cost of works and residential works are listed below. These are as the Local Government Association recommends.

Building Control charges are updated every April. The new update is due to take place in April 2024.

Regularisation charges are 130 per cent of the charges in Schedule 2 and 3.

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How to make a payment

Charges for Building Control applications, top up payments and searches can be paid:

For Building Notices, Full Plans/Deposit of Plans, Regularisations, Demolitions, Section 30 applications, please choose the relevant link.  For payments to searches to Building Control, please choose Miscellaneous without VAT. 

To make your payment:

  1. Choose Building Control from the list of payment types
  2. Then choose the type of application you are paying for
  3. Next, enter your 'Application number' (for example '23/0/01000')
  4. For the Account Name, enter 'BCV' if the application you are paying for is a: Regularisation, Demolition, Section 30 application, or payments to searches to Building Control. If the application you are paying for is a Building Notice, Full Plans/Deposit of Plans, enter 'BC'