We have worked with our communities to create a new vision for the future of the borough, Camden 2025: 

Camden 2025

Camden 2025: What we have learned and where we go next – 2021 (PDF) 

Our Camden Plan is the Council's response to Camden 2025. This sets out how we as an organisation will support our community's ambitions:

Our Camden Plan

Camden 2025 and Our Camden Plan build strongly on the ambitions of our first Camden Plan.

The Camden Plan 2012-17:

•    the Camden Plan 2012-17 (PDF)
•    easy read version of The Camden Plan 2012-17 (PDF)
•    the Camden Plan 2012-17 – Achievements (PDF)
•    the Camden Plan – 3 years on (2015) (PDF)
•    the Camden Plan – 1 year on (2013) (PDF)