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Move more in your free time

Your free time is there for things you really like doing, so are there ways for you to incorporate physical activity into the activities you already enjoy?

For example:

  • Fit in some simple strength exercises while the TV ads play or while your games are loading
  • Walk to meet your friends rather than drive or take public transport.
  • Jog while listening to your favourite podcast. The couch to 5k programme is a great way to get into running if you’re a beginner.

Or maybe there’s an activity out there you haven’t tried yet that you would really enjoy?

From walking groups and gardening sessions to dance classes and yoga there are lots of free and low cost activities that you can try in Camden. 

There are sessions for all abilities, including complete beginners, to help build skills and/or initial fitness. You can just show up, have fun, maybe meet some new people and leave feeling healthier and happier.

Places in Camden to go to be active

It can be intimidating going somewhere new or trying out an activity you’ve never done before but there’s always support or someone there who’s feeling the same as you. 

If you’d prefer to go it alone or with your own family and friends, you could find lots of places in Camden to go to be active.

There are gyms, swimming pools, and sports centres across the borough, as well as walking routes, cycle routes, parks, skate parks and many others.

Here are a few short walks to get you started: