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Move more at work

Lots of us spend a large part of the day sitting because of our jobs, but finding ways to spend less time sitting down is one of the best things we can do for our health.

There are a number of organised sessions that take place before the working day, at lunchtime or in the evenings.

But we know it isn’t easy for many of us to fit structured workouts into the working day.

Some simple ways you can move a bit more while working

  • Switch up your commute by walking, cycling or scooting. Citymapper has lots of helpful walking and cycling routes to help you make your journeys more active.
  • Take the stairs rather than the lift to another floor
  • Use toilets and printers that are further away or on another floor
  • Try standing or walking meetings with your colleagues
  • Do some chair based exercises at your desk or when taking a break from driving
  • Try getting outside for walk at lunchtime. Even a 10-minute brisk walk each day can improve your fitness, and getting outdoors is great for your mental health as well

These may seem like small things but if you’re making just a few of these changes each day you will soon start to see significant benefits for both your physical and mental health.